You can use the calculator in home screen to know prices of delivery from and to any place inside Egypt.
Speed shipping service covers all areas in North Egypt, Delta, Suez Canal and Upper Egypt till Luxor.

There are 2 options:

  • You can go to nearest branch and handover your package for shipment.
  • You can call the office make a request to pick up your order before 3:00 pm or one day before your shipping date. We will send one of our representatives to pick up your package from the areas we cover without extra charges.
We have experience in the shipping business for 25 years in the Egyptian market. The shipping business relies on reputation, trust and service quality.
Speed working hours vary from one office to another, you may contact the regional office in your area to inquire about its working hours.
The address can be changed if the new address is in the same delivery city and without additional charges. Should you need to change the address to another city additional charges will be incurred.